Why save the tiger?

Some efforts toward saving tigers from extinction focus on moral, aesthetic and/or sentimental reasons as justification for this work. Valid though these reasons may be, there is another very important reason not always mentioned in conservation literature.

The Earth’s remaining forests are essential elements in global life-support systems on which all species, including humans, depend. The health of these forests is indicated by the food web they sustain. Tigers represent the apex of (and therefore ‘complete’, healthy or whole) food webs for most of the forests of India.

Therefore to conserve the tiger is to conserve forest ecosystems which contribute to global life-support systems (as with jaguars in South America, lions in Africa etc). Whilst exotic species might seem distant from our everyday needs, the healthy maintenance of remote ecosystems helps to ensure the maintenance of local ecosystems and hence our own future in terms of availability of clean air, fresh water and the viability of cultivation and animal husbandry.

Why Madhya Pradesh?

The Indian State of Madhya Pradesh is known as the 'Tiger State', holding 20% of the world's remaining tigers.

Madhya Pradesh's Satpura Tiger Reserve is part of one of the largest contiguous blocks of forest left in India and is still (just!) connected to other Reserves by forest 'corridors'. It therefore represents the largest block of tiger-inhabited tiger habitat left in the world. LifeForce conservation initiatives extend beyond Satpura to other Reserves in this block of forest such as Melghat and Pench Tiger Reserves. Current projects will extend to all the other Reserves as funding permits.


The book is a large hardback (270 x 200 mm) with spine sewn and glued, printed on acid-free paper (pages will not yellow or brown with age) and all, of course (!), sourced from sustainable plantations. It considers the tiger crisis in particular and the environmental crisis in general and suggests solutions for both that are still available to us as individuals. It also considers the meaning of our individual lives in the context of nature and, in doing so, includes many and varied perspectives such as those of literature, poetry, science, religion, philosophy…and dear old common sense - so often neglected in today’s hi-tech world. This variety (hopefully) adds much of interest to the book, which also contains many colour illustrations, diagrams and maps. It is priced at £30.00 + p&p.

Whilst all proceeds will go to LifeForce, and the author has made no charge for writing it, the price of £30.00 does not guarantee profits for LifeForce. The costs of production, in addition to the commission taken by retailers (50 – 60% of the cover price) mean that it is possible it could make a loss. To minimise this possibility, please purchase any copies you are able to, directly from LifeForce, through which no commission will be charged. To keep sales and distribution as simple and streamlined as possible, sales must take place via an email order to lifeforcelink@hotmail.com and (preferably) a bank transfer of funds via the Internet (LifeForce sort code 08-92-50 account number 65031742) or via the credit / debit card facility on the website (this method also requires the purchaser to send an email order to distinguish the payment from a donation. It will also be subject to a small commission charge). If, for whatever reason, these methods are not convenient to you, the next best source (at 15% commission) is the publishers: Matador, 9 Priory Business Park, Wistow Road, Kibworth Beauchamp, Leicestershire LE8 0RX. Tel: 0116 279 2299 email:matador@troubador.co.uk. It should also be available through larger retailers but their level of commission explains why sales through the two sources just referred to are preferable.

If profits are far from guaranteed, why has it been written? The best answer to this question is to read it! Members will know that LifeForce work has never been about financial profits but finding solutions to our collective environmental predicament - and this is also the book’s main purpose. In addition, it offers readers views of life extending far beyond conservation and environmental issues and some readers may discover new ways of assessing their lives, values and priorities. As the world will only be healed by each person’s healthy contributions, this book tries to illustrate, from many perspectives, the importance of individuals’ positive peaceful actions, both practically and spiritually.

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